New-Look Library Catalogue

January 23, 2013

The new-look Library Catalogue is here. The previous Classic and Encore versions are now integrated into one catalogue, which is clearer and easier to use.

The change is in response to very clear feedback from staff and students in the Library Survey last year that having two catalogues has been confusing. The catalogue vendor is also focussing strongly on this new version for the future.

Library Catalogue

What’s different?

The new catalogue looks very like the previous Encore version. Apart from the cosmetic changes (particularly if you were used to the Classic), there are a few other differences and tips to note:

  • The web address has changed. If you had the previous Classic version or the catalogue choice page bookmarked on your computer, please update these to Encore bookmarks will still work.
  • Searching for known book or journal titles no longer requires you to specify title or journal searches. In the main search box just type the full title (with speech marks if you want to be very precise), or a few distinctive words from it, and the item you are after should appear near the top of the results list. If needed, for journal titles you can also click on ‘Journals’ under ‘Collection’ in the left hand column.
  • ‘Facets’ in the left hand column allow you to start with a broad keyword search, then narrow down by format, collection, tag (subjects) and so on.
  • The Advanced Search still offers specific title, subject and author searches, as well as multiple search boxes, if you prefer to search this way.
  • Saved preferred searches are now available through Discover rather than the catalogue, with the added bonus of including journal articles if you wish. You will need to ‘Sign In’ (top right of Discover) then you can save, set alerts, and many other options.
  • Some pages associated with the catalogue will also change, such as: article databases, MasseyLink, exam papers, papers & courses.
  • The article databases page no longer has the ‘key databases’ list. You can still get to your favourites using the alphabetical list or typing the database name in the search box. Another option is to type the database name into the Discover search box on the Library home page.
  • Should I use the Library Catalogue or Discover? Use the Library Catalogue to find books, journal titles, DVDs and other items we hold. Use Discover to find journal articles, as well as books and all sorts of other material, in one search.

For further help:

If you have any queries about the new catalogue, please do contact us.

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