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March 19, 2013

You said we have great staff, but aren’t doing so well on facilities and equipment. What are we doing about it?

Last year we carried out a client satisfaction survey asking you what you thought of the Library. Around 2500 students and staff responded to the survey, and here’s what you said:

Overall satisfaction

Overall the library scored 82.5% in the satisfaction ratings, placing us in the top 25% of university libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

What is most important to you?

  • Library staff providing accurate answers to enquiries and being approachable and helpful, and willing and available to assist
  • Speed of delivery of items requested from other libraries and campuses
  • Ease of use of the library web site
  • Online and print resources meeting your needs
  • Availability of off-campus access to resources and services

How well are we doing?

Library staff was our highest scoring area at 91% satisfaction. You said we were approachable, helpful, and gave accurate answers. You also scored us highly on off campus access to Library resources and services, our prompt of delivery of requested items, and our self service facilities.

However we didn’t fare so well with Library facilities and equipment, which was our lowest scoring area, although this has improved from the 2009 survey.

Where do we need to improve and what are we doing about it?

There were lots of negative comments about our printers and photocopiers

Over summer we replaced the old printers and photocopiers with new multifunctional machines that can be used for printing, photocopying and scanning. They are much easier to use, and the cost of printing has gone down.

You found the three interfaces and ways of searching confusing 

The differences between Discover and the Encore and Classic Library catalogues were not obvious and it was hard to know which one to use. We have simplified this so we now have only one Library Catalogue to find Library books, journals, DVDs and other material.  Discover provides one search across many of the Library’s article databases, e-books, Catalogue, Massey Research Online and more.

Library computers were not always available when you needed them

Since the survey the Turitea library has added computers to the Information Commons, Training Room and a quiet study area on Level 2. The Wellington Library is being renovated, with more space and double the number of computers planned.

Finding quiet and group study spaces was a problem for many respondents.

 Turitea Library added more quiet study spaces over summer. The refit of the Wellington Library will provide many more study spaces- both group and individual. The Albany Library has noise issues due to the building’s open plan design so we are considering making level three quiet study only leading up to exams and we hope that will improve things.

Numbers of textbooks is still a concern

We can’t buy as many text books as you want, and you are expected to buy your own. However we are buying ebooks wherever possible.

Thank you to everyone who responded. Your feedback helps us improve the Library’s resources and services.


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