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May 2, 2013

Are you wondering how to find and use ebooks through Massey Library? Here are some tips…

  • How do I find ebooks? Just use the Library Catalogue or Discover as you normally would for print books. You can search for topics or specific titles, and can narrow search results to ebooks in the left hand column (under ‘Format’ in the Catalogue and ‘Source Type’ in Discover). But remember that many books are still only available in print.
  • How do I view ebooks? We subscribe to several ebook platforms which are all slightly different, but there are generally two options:
    • Read online. This is usually the quickest and easiest way to view the ebooks. It also allows downloading, printing or emailing a PDF of a limited number of pages from the ebook.
    • Download. This usually requires creating an account. It allows you to view the ebook later when you are not connected to the internet, for a set loan period. Note that this option is not available on Massey computers; and that you may not be able to download the entire ebook on to your ereader.
  • Are there any special instructions for the ebook I am using? Yes, the Library Catalogue record for each ebook outlines any software, printing limits, restrictions, and other guidance needed for each ebook platform, so it can be a good idea to check there for more information. For example, a few of the major platforms are eBooks on EBSCOhost (with instructions for what to do if each page opens as a separate PDF), Ebrary Ebooks, and Ebook Library Ebooks.

If you would like more information about ebooks and the points mentioned here, have a look at:

Please contact us if you need any help with this.



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