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January 6, 2014

Retirement, landslides and yoghurt are all among the content recently added to Massey Research Online.

Welcome to the first in a regular series of posts showcasing new and noteworthy additions to Massey Research Online (MRO), Massey University’s institutional repository – an online, open access collection of Massey University’s research. This time around we have a variety of content from across most of the Colleges (Science, Business and Humanities & Social Sciences) and we’re highlighting content types other than the theses MRO is well known for, such as books, working papers, articles and conference proceedings. This high calibre research comes from both emerging researchers as well as more established scholars.

New book

We haven’t had a book added in quite some time. This is an unpublished book.

Psychological dimensions of retirement edited by Fiona Alpass and Johanna Paddison

New working papers

Working papers are a great way to get research out there quickly or gather feedback. MRO has several series to which new papers were added:


Shallow landsliding and catchment connectivity within the Houpoto Forest, New Zealand by Michelle McCabe,  Ian C Fuller and  Sam T McColl

Institute of Development Studies

Measuring, defining, and valuing change: A database on development indicators for policy-makers, activists, and researchers by Gerard Prinsen and Gisela Purcell

Latest articles
Tips on publishing your research

This topic will be of interest to all researchers who want to publish, both new and experienced alike:

Why You Don’t Get Published: An Editor’s View by Michael E Bradbury

Dairy/yoghurt industry

Articles of interest to the industry of one of New Zealand’s main exports:

Heat–induced colloidal interactions of whey proteins, sodium caseinate and gum arabic in binary and ternary mixtures by Simon Loveday, Aiqian Ye, Skelte G. Anema and Harjinder Singh

Innovative yoghurts: novel processing technologies for improving acid milk gel texture by Simon Loveday, Harjinder Singh and Anwesha Sarkar


This symposium from the School of Psychology (Manawatu) supports emerging researchers. Both the individual articles from the symposium as well as the full proceedings in a single file are now available.

Doing Psychology Manawatu Doctoral Research Symposium 2012 Proceedings

Self-archiving via Massey Research Online is a great way to disseminate your research and reach a wider audience due to the indexing by Google and Google Scholar, plus the full text is freely available and not behind a subscription paywall. Ensure you’re creating the biggest impact with your work, by submitting to the repository. Email the Library to submit your items. Keep an eye out for the new automated submission process coming early 2014.

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