Free Access to 13 Australian University Libraries “an invaluable tool”

August 25, 2014



Massey staff and students using BONUS+, the resource-sharing project with selected Australian university libraries, have found it to be a critical tool in their research.

“BONUS+ is an invaluable tool for those undertaking academic research and writing. It offers access to a wide and diverse range of publications not easily available through local channels. It is a fast and effective service which has never yet failed to deliver on what it said it could,” says Professor Glyn Harper, who regularly uses the service.

Postgraduate student Janet Newman agrees. “A lot of the reference books and poetry collections I need are available only on BONUS+. It is a great resource as it provides a comprehensive addition to Massey Library’s stock of books. So far I have been able to access every book I require using the Bonus+ service. The distance delivery time is quite quick.”

The University of Sydney Library is the latest to join BONUS+ and open its book collection to Massey students and staff, along with thirteen other university libraries. Massey is the only New Zealand university with access, the others all being Australian.

The shared BONUS+ collection now contains almost eight million items that are freely available to the students and staff of Massey University.

There are two ways of searching for BONUS+ books. Either search the Massey Library Catalogue first to see what we have available, then click on the BONUS+ button within the results to automatically replicate the same search in BONUS+. Alternatively, search the BONUS+ catalogue directly. Then simply place a request as you would for a Massey Library book.

Further information is available on the BONUS+ page.

Please contact us if you need any help.

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