Latest Massey Research Online submissions include theses, journal articles and oral presentations

September 26, 2014

The latest submissions to MRO include a variety of sources as academic staff get on board with making their research available for open access. This week we have journal articles and oral presentations, as well as theses. To get an idea of what can be uploaded to MRO, see the Communities & Collections page.

Among the recent submissions are:

Journal articles

Stages of change for fruit and vegetable intake and dietary fat modification in Maori women: Some relationships with body attitudes and eating behaviours
Author: Tassell, N; Flett, RA

‘Meaning just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less’: The search for governance in Political Science
Author: Shaw, RH

Oral Presentations

Coin rotation task, a test of motor speed and dexterity: Norms for New Zealand
Author: Thornton, A; Flett, R

Smiling to Smiles After Exclusion: Social Rejection Enhances Affiliative Signalling
Author: Philipp, MC


Workplace bullying among nurses in Saudi Arabia : an exploratory qualitative study
Author: Alswaid, Eman

Analysis of the potential for Rubus fruit ellagitannins to induce anti-inflammatory effects in in vitro models
Author: Srubar-Vernon, Alana Jocelyn


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