Latest Massey Research Online theses: Early emigration posters, resistance training, regional museums, volcanic plumes and value of biodiversity

November 7, 2014

The latest theses to be added to Massey Research Online cover a wide range of topics from across the Colleges. Here is a selection of 2014 theses…

‘Large letter’d as with thundering shout’: an analysis of typographic posters advertising emigration to New Zealand 1839 – 1875 by Patricia Thomas

The benefits of resistance training on blood lipid profile and body composition in Māori men by Karl Coley

Well-being and local government: a New Zealand case study: Kaipara District Council; its responsibilities and responses to the regional museums of Kaipara, 2002 – 2011 by Mary Stevens

A mathematical model of volcanic plumes by Joshua Duley

Non market value of biodiversity on agricultural land by rural landowners: a case study by James Piddock



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