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September 15, 2015

The Library is delighted to announce the arrival of the latest online edition of the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (2015).

Social and Behavioural Sciences ency
This fantastic resource covers all the social and behavioural sciences and provides access to peer reviewed scholarly articles on a huge range of subjects. You can access it online from here (just click on the link with the dates). It’s worth taking a look.

The Facts

  • THE classic encyclopedia right across all the social and behavioural sciences. “broader and deeper than any other”.
  • Peer reviewed scholarly articles. Beats Wikipedia.
  • 4000 authors . 4000 articles.

What’s new?

  • Greater coverage of psychology including applied, industrial and organisational psychology
  • More on the practical or applied sides of disciplines combining where possible theory and practice
  • social work
  • management, organisations, business, marketing and finance
  • life course studies
  • sexuality
  • criminology
  • labour studies
  • war, peace, violence and conflict
  • linguistics
  • 150 biographies



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