Researcher Development Library Workshops at Manawatū in June

June 6, 2017

Manawatū researchers, learn more about searching, managing and keeping up to date with the literature; managing your research data; publishing; and measuring your publication impact.

Manawatū Library is running a series of six Researcher Development Library Workshops (RDLW) on selected mornings (10.30-12) during 20-29 June. Register for all, or just the ones you are interested in. Details of times and registration are available on the RDLW schedule .

Analyse your information need to inform your decisions about search tools and strategies; develop search strategies and search appropriate databases effectively.
Tuesday 20 June, 10.30-12 Register here.

Managing Information
Organise and manage your literature search results and use them effectively; understand the benefits of referencing software and be aware of software choices and further training; use good file management to keep your research files secure and well-organised.
Wednesday 21 June, 10.30-12 Register here.

Research Data Management Basics
Gain an understanding of the research data management landscape, and how good practices support your research; understand some practical aspects of looking after data including what you need to do to securely store, make sense of, and maintain access to your data; identify 3 important things you need to do to kick start your own data management plan.
Thursday 22 June, 10.30-12 Register here.

Research Community and Keeping Up-to-Date
Identify your research community and engage with it effectively; develop your research identity and raise your academic profile; develop a current awareness strategy to stay abreast of new developments and publications in your field.
Tuesday 27 June, 10.30-12 Register here.

Identify what you need to know about open access, copyright and publishing agreements in order to make good decisions about publication choices; evaluate journals and publishers in order to identify the most appropriate journals and publishers for your research field; write so that your publications are easily discoverable.
Wednesday 28 June, 10.30-12 Register here.

Publication Impact
Recognise the importance of monitoring your publication impact for your career and the University; strategically monitor your publication impact to report and inform the University.
Thursday 29 June, 10.30-12 Register here.

Registration is essential. For Researcher Development Library Workshops at all campuses and in the future, please see the RDLW schedule.

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