You said, we did – our follow up to your responses in the Library satisfaction survey

April 18, 2018

In our 2017 we surveyed you  for your opinions about the Library. The overall performance score we received from you (82.4%) puts us in the top 25% of libraries who have run this survey in Australasia.  We have also increased our score by 1.5% over the previous survey in 2012. Massey University Library scored above the existing highest score for Service Delivery (84.3%). Thanks for the great response! We appreciate the time and effort that you made in responding to the survey.

We also analysed the comments you made and we’ve put our responses to the most frequently occurring ones on our website.

You will also see posters up around our libraries with a brief summary of responses in the areas the survey told us were of most importance to you.

If you have any questions drop us a line in the comments or via our Facebook page.

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