October 23, 2018


Kia ora! Haere mai!

Welcome to the fourth podcast in the series, SOAP (Scholarly and Open Access Publishing). This series is part of Massey University’s offering leading up to (and likely beyond) Open Access Week (22-28 October 2018) #OAWeek2018

Podcast #4


In today’s podcast we pick out a few events, people or tools important for Green open Access also called self-archiving. We start in the 1990s with Stevan Harnad and arXiv. We define Green Open Access and journal article versions. We look at the rise of institutional repositories and the software DSpace as well as the database of publisher policies, Sherpa/Romeo. Finally we touch on mandates.

Listen to the podcast and share your comments with us below. We’d love to hear from you!

Listen to the Podcast (on Soundcloud)

Alternatively here are the files in shorter segments:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:



Stay tuned for the fifth episode next week on Gold Open Access!


  • Catherine Woeber, Subject Librarian, Massey University
  • Bruce White, Open Access and Copyright Advisor, Massey University
  • Amanda Curnow, Digital Asset Management Librarian, Massey University

List of references that we read/refer to: 

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