An easier way to find books and journal titles

February 28, 2019

Discover, our main search tool, has a new set of limits which allows you to:

  • exclude articles – so you’ll get mostly print and ebooks (the equivalent to the old catalogue search, for those who used this a few years ago)
  • view just the ebooks – great if you’re pushed for time or at a distance
  • or just the print books – if you like hands-on or a better view of the illustrations, etc
  • narrow to just journal titles, handy for browsing through the volumes or the latest issue

The ‘Library collection – everything’ limit is already ticked by default. This narrows down to items freely available to to Massey students and staff. Untick this if you would like to see more items, but they won’t all be available for free. We can get most items via interlibrary loan for $5.

The new limits show in the left hand column of your search results. Please contact us if you’d like any help with this.

One response to “An easier way to find books and journal titles”

  1. Margaret Tennant says:

    Yay – at last! Great for those of us in humanities.

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