Why engage with Wikipedia?

March 5, 2019

New Zealand’s Wikipedian at Large*, Dr Mike Dickison is visiting the Manawatū campus to give talks on why and how you can engage with Wikipedia.

“How Wiki Works” is open to all (Tue 19th March 12.10pm SSLB3)

  • Everybody uses Wikipedia, and anybody can edit it. So where does all that information come from? How reliable is it? If anybody can edit Wikipedia, why isn’t it riddled with errors and hoaxes? If nobody is in charge, why doesn’t it descend into anarchy? Learn how to assess the reliability of an article, fix mistakes, and what we in New Zealand can do to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of us.

“Engaging with Wikimedia” is targeted at Researchers (Weds 20th March 12.10pm SGP4.30)

  • An introduction to Wikipedia, Commons, and the other Wikimedia Foundation projects. These are huge and heavily-used information resources, so it’s important for institutions to have a strategy for working with them. In many cases it makes more sense to share information via Wikimedia than on one’s own website. There are many ways to engage with Wikimedia Projects, and as a Wikipedian at Large, Mike is travelling the country working with organisations and the public to support volunteer editors and improve NZ’s Wikipedia coverage.

You can RSVP directly via these links to receive a link to add the event to your calendar, and you will get a reminder. RSVPS will also assist us to plan for tea and coffee requirements.

How Wiki Works  https://massey.libcal.com/event/5158026

Engaging with Wikimedia – for Researchers  https://massey.libcal.com/event/5158029

 *What is a Wikipedian at Large?

Dr Mike Dickison is New Zealand Wikipedian at Large from July 2018 to June 2019, funded by a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation to help New Zealand organisations and the people of New Zealand engage with Wikipedia and open knowledge.

Massey University is hosting Mike for events in March, and is the first University in New Zealand to engage with him in his role.

Mike did his PhD research at Duke University on the evolution of body size in giant flightless birds. He was Curator of Natural History at Whanganui Regional Museum, and taught graphic design and typography at Whitireia Polytechnic. As editor Giantflightlessbirds he coordinates the Wikipedia support for the Critter of the Week project with DOC and Radio NZ. He also wrote and illustrated a book on how to play the ukulele.



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