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June 4, 2020

Ebooks or e-texts are an excellent option for students in the blended learning environment. However, there are several variations on ebook availability, particularly for courses, including:

  • Library ebooks. The Library buys ebooks rather than print, if they are available on a suitable platform – some (often textbooks) are not offered to libraries. Within Library ebooks there are differing models: they may be owned or temporarily leased; downloading and sharing limits may apply; simultaneous users can range from one through to unlimited, and so on. If you need a Library ebook to teach a course, please check with us to see which options are available.
    • Tip: limit your Discover search results to ‘ebooks’ in the left hand column
  • E-textbooks available to individuals only. Some publishers sell e-textbooks to individuals only, not to libraries, so students will need to buy these themselves. The Library may hold print copies if available, but can’t provide ebook versions.
  • Digital course packs or courseware. These are generally a subscription product available to teachers and students only, not to libraries.
  • Open Textbooks. These are online textbooks that are freely and legally available under a Creative Commons license. Many of them can be modified, allowing lecturers to tweak them for their own students. Here’s an example… The art of being human: a textbook for cultural anthropology

There are many Open Textbook sites available, including these:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss ebooks further, please contact your Subject Librarian.

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