We’ve introduced a ticketing system to manage emails

September 21, 2020

From this week we are introducing a ticketing system to manage emails that come into the Library.  We identified that we could benefit from having a more robust system to manage our emails and we are confident the system will enable us to improve the way we communicate with you.

If you are emailing the Library you won’t need to do anything different and the same great Library team is here to respond to your queries. We may have the odd glitch to work through and if that should happen we will appreciate your patience in advance.

You’ll know your email has gone through the ticketing system as you will see a message saying “Massey Library uses Springshare’s LibAnswers platform to handle client queries” in a signature. This is to let you know that these messages are passing through a third party. You can read Springshare’s privacy statement here.

2 responses to “We’ve introduced a ticketing system to manage emails”

  1. shazrah salam says:

    I would like to register for alumni access to the library. Can you please guide me about the procedure.

    Thank you

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