You told us about … hassles getting textbooks from the Library

July 21, 2022

Results from the Insync survey run in 2021 told us that many of you are frustrated at not being able to access textbooks from the Library. 

Some Massey courses have: 

  • compulsory textbooks, which every student needs to have 
  • recommended textbooks, which it’s a good idea to get and read. 

We certainly hear you on this one but unfortunately there is no easy fix. If your course has a compulsory textbook, you are expected to buy your own copy. The Library keeps a limited number of textbooks and these are in high demand. 

For internal courses there will always be one on short loan (at the service point) for use within the building if needed. Any borrowing copies are very likely to be issued with short loan periods or are very likely to be recalled. We purchase them according to the following ratios: 

 Compulsory textbooks: 

  • Distance courses: 1x copy per 50 students 
  • Internal courses: 1x copy per 100 students 

Recommended readings: 

  • Distance courses: 1x copy per 15 students 
  • Internal courses: 1x copy per 20 students 

For more information on using Discover to find compulsory and recommended textbooks, check our website. 

There is a new service launched on ebook subscription basis to students through Campus Books. More information is here: 

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