Citations and Circulation Counts – Not Really Holiday Reading

December 22, 2016

If you think that an article called Citations and Circulation Counts – Data Sources for Monograph Deselection in Research Library Collections doesn’t sound like terribly exciting reading for the holiday break you may well be right. But one...Read more

Impact Factors, Eigenfactors, SNIPS and Other Partial Measures

October 4, 2013

Zombie bibliometrics There are three common misconceptions about journals and research evaluation that don’t seem to want to die, no matter how often angry mobs shoot at them with silver bullets or drive a stake through their hearts. Like many...Read more

Reflections on the H-Index

September 6, 2013

You can tell that an idea has become really well-known when senior management hears about it, and a few years ago I began receiving phone calls from heads of department along the lines of “I’m carrying out staff evaluations and suddenly people...Read more

The Death of Bibliometrics? Truth, Numbers and Things

September 4, 2013

The sad business of the American Academic and Scholarly Research Journal has come to a rather unexpected end. The journal is no more, having disappeared from the web along with its associated Research Center, and all record of it has disappeared...Read more

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