Eight more Nature titles for Massey research community

January 22, 2015

Exciting as the advance of new publishing models may be, some of the old established journals are still pre-eminent in their value for scientific researchers. Of these, Nature, first published in 1869, stands out as the journal that can make a scientific career by giving massive visibility to a new development. Over time Nature has built on its reputation by spinning off a considerable number of highly expensive prestigious specialist titles and has morphed into Nature Publishing Group which is owned in turn by Macmillan which has just merged with Springer. These titles generally fall within the most highly-cited in their respective fields and the Library receives regular requests for their purchase.

Good news for 2015 – the following titles from Nature Publishing Group are now available to Massey researchers

Nature Chemical Biology

Nature Chemistry

Nature Communications

Nature Materials

Nature Methods

Nature Nanotechnology

Nature Physics

Nature Protocols

In each case coverage is from the beginning of 2011. These titles will not be accessible from databases and Google Scholar via MasseyLink for about another month, so use the catalogue or the links above to access content.

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