Finding videos for your learning or teaching

November 13, 2020

Looking for videos for learning or teaching? The Library has access to a huge range of recorded television programmes, documentaries, selected movies, educational material and more. One way to look for these is to do a title or keyword search...Read more

The best referencing tool or software for you

August 6, 2020

Which is the best referencing software? Actually, it depends on your needs… Do you have just a few references in your assignment, or do you have lots and want to use them and the PDFs again later? We’ve just launched a redesigned...Read more

Bonus+ Service Survey

August 14, 2017

During the next two weeks (14th– 25th August) we are seeking information about our free BONUS+ service and would appreciate it if you could fill out our questionnaire. If you are a distance student the questionnaire will be posted to you with...Read more

I recommend… Scopus

October 29, 2013

This week Librarians Nicola McCarthy, Alison Wallbutton and Bruce White, from Turitea Library, recommend one of their favourite resources… We recommend Scopus for staff and postgraduate students. We like it because of its very full citation...Read more

I recommend… Google Scholar

October 10, 2013

This week Librarians Nicola Harris and Megan Ingle, from Turitea Library, recommend one of their favourite resources… We recommend Google Scholar for anyone – from undergraduate to postgraduate students, and staff. We like it because...Read more

I recommend… Discover

September 19, 2013

Welcome to the first post in our regular series of Librarians’ recommendations, where we let you know some of our favourite resources. This week we have a double-act from Turitea Librarians Lucy Broadbent and Noelene White… We...Read more

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