Food For Fines 8-14 August

August 1, 2016

Food For Fines

It’s a win-win situation for students and local food banks – clear your Library fines by donating some food.

From Monday 8th to Sunday 14th August Massey Library will be offering students the option to clear their Library fines by donating food. The Library is also happy to accept food donations from staff and those without Library fines. All food collected will be passed on to local food banks.

For every medium can or packet of food, $5 of Library fines will be cleared (not including lost book or interlibrary loan charges).

Internal students and staff, just bring the food to the Service Point at your campus library.

Distance students, here is what you can do:

If you have received a flier from us, or you can download a Food For Fines receipt here, take it to your local food bank and ask them to stamp it when you donate (their date stamp needs to be on or before 14 August). Then just send it to us to be received by 19 August 2016.

Alternatively, feel free to post us a grocery voucher and we will pay off your fines accordingly ($5.00 voucher for $10.00 in fines). Remember to include your name and ID with the voucher, and send it to us to be received by 19 August 2016.

Send your receipt or voucher, separately from any books please, to:

“Food for Fines”
Distance & Document Supply Services
Massey University Library
Private Bag 11054
Palmerston North 4442

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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